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Amen Corner CD


About the Product

Railroad Earth’s 2008 studio release, Amen Corner, was written and recorded at a 300 year-old farmhouse in New Jersey’s rural countryside. What happened inside the building was the experience of a lifetime for the band’s members, resulting in an early creative pinnacle of a gifted young band, and an album that is an instant Americana classic. Amen Corner is a collection of crisp and crafted roots, bluegrass, and acoustic sides that resonates in all the right places. The tunes breathe both on and between the notes. They hit you immediately, but then linger like a good buzz.


Track Listing:

  1. Been Down This Road
  2. Hard Livin’
  3. Bringin’ My Baby Back Home
  4. The Forecast
  5. Right In Tune
  6. Waggin’ The Dog
  7. Little Bit O’ Me
  8. Lonecroft Ramble
  9. Crossing The Gap
  10. All Alone
  11. You Never Know
  12. Lovin’ You
Year Released:

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